Skeleton Tracks

by The Lone Wolves

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://_There are wolves outside your door. The Lone Wolves, to be precise. They are tearing the flesh from the dead body of alternative rock and feasting on the internal organs of electronica.
The 'Skeleton Tracks' EP consists of 5 tracks formed from experimental jam sessions featuring members of UCNX, Amorphite, and the lovely MC2 amongst various unnamed others.
These sessions were then mixed down to form perfectly formed songs that show the influence of industrial, ambient, experimental jamming, and post punk twisted into something excitingly invigorating and original.
The tracks cover many moods including dark, melodic, sombre, and poetic with glimpses of humour, sometimes all at the same time. It is the sound of unbridled creativity and expression, freeform and yet supremely structured experiments that were entirely stream-of-consciousness, mixing everything from female spoken word, to harsh industrial noise, to organic elements such as piano & acoustic guitar.
_The Lone Wolves are now waiting/__for_you. . .


"Lone Wolves is a new project featuring members of UCNX, Amorphite, MC2 and other unnamed musicians. The "Skeleton Tracks" were composed during a kind of jam session. The result comes as a melting pot of dark ambient, experimental and other electronic explorations. It all starts in a heavy experimental way with the ""No Failing"-cut, but progressively evolves towards more compact textures. "Patience & Stillness" and "My Name Is Betrayal" are more interesting. Both songs are more elaborated while revealing cold atmospheres. Lone Wolves seems to get lost in an eclectic electronic universe where it remains difficult to really get the purpose. I guess that's precisely the main force from a jamming session. This is a kind of 'automatic music' resulting in one of the most challenging releases from MoMt Records!"

"7/10: The Lone Wolves are a moody bunch; you can just tell by the titles of the tracks on this latest EP that they don't look on the bright side of life. Titles on 'Skeleton Tracks' include the words failing, stillness and betrayal, but what does it sound like?

Its safe to say The Lone Wolves have heard Primal Scream's Exterminator which seems a blueprint for at least two of the tracks here, opener 'No Failing' and 'My Name is Betrayal' which seems like the spawn of 'Kill All Hippies' from the Scream. Having said this, these are the main tracks on this five-track effort which showcase what The Lone Wolves are all about. They take you to dark places, and draw you in with heavy thudding and dirty beats which blend well into their shady environment.

There is diversity here too though, as things are slowed down to a sombre pace on the aptly titled 'Patience and Stillness', whereas closer 'Lowlit' has a more spaced out quality with its futuristic beats and ambient overtones. Conclusively there isn't much here that you haven't heard before, but alot to be admired with The Lone Wolves treading their own dark path. The question is do you want to follow?"

"4/5: Lone Wolves is a band featuring members of UCNX, Amorphite, MC2 plus others. They recorded the five tracks of the SKELETON TRACKS during an experimental jam sessions and Momt is giving us the chance to listen to a good E.P. where creativity and energy don't find any boundaries. Post-punk and electro industrial music are the core elements of Lone Wolves' music and every track has its own atmosphere. The E.P. opens with "No failing" where electro industrial percussions mixed with synth leads find a female vocal shouting slogans just to follow with a punk-industrial tune titled "Noname" where a guy performs his best shouts helped by guitar riffs distortions. "Patience & stillness" changes everything with its melancholic piano mixed with digital feedbacks. "My name is betrayal" is next and the atmosphere turns tense with a mix of mid tempo rhythms, early EBM electronics and female readings. The closing "Lowlit" is an upbeat electronic instrumental with synth pads and cool syncopated drum machine rhythms. At the end of it there's a sort of joke track where the sessions turns into what sounds like an alcoholic happening. Nice release that is able to mix melody, aggressive sounds and energy."
-Chain DLK

"Give this excellent mini-album to 100 people and changes are quite big that you will have something like 100 different versions.They all might be positive even if such things always depend on who you’re giving it to but you’ll get something like 100 different references.
I decided to give it a go and the only thing I am sure about is that they found their basic roots somewhere in the 80’s and that it’s not exactly Glenn Medeiros.

Opener “No Falling” is a bit like the minimal electronica from Flying Lizards while “No Name” took me back to the delightful post-punk days where bands like Associates ruled, all added with the primal scream from Alec Empire though.

“My name is Betrayal” could have been on the genius Propganda debut album and “Lowwit” could have been written by that chap named Giorgio Moroder."
-The Original Sin


released May 18, 2010


Recorded Summer/Fall 2008 @ Surgical Studios, PA.

"Hey Kurt!"



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The Lone Wolves Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

_:Experimental side-project of UCNX, featuring a revolving list of collaborators including members of K-Nitrate, Gross National Produkt, Zymotic Flow, Amorphite, & more.
Focusing on the more esoteric side of things, TLW grew from sonic experiments conducted over the summer of 2008. Everything is catalogued visually to heighten the experience._//
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